Episode 16 | Lauren Bragg Let’s Set Some Goals and Crush 2019

Lauren Bragg

Let’s Set Some Goals and Crush 2019 

2018 has been great…but what are you doing to be a better you in 2019. Lauren Bragg, life coach, goal setter, accountability partner, and local Santa Barbara overall badass, tells you step by step how to set goals and stay accountable.

This is an interactive podcast where you can pause, go do the work, then come back and do the next exercise. Lauren takes you through some journaling foundation lessons and then goes to setting goals and the most important part of staying accountable.

We hope that this helps you start your goal setting and if you have questions DM us or Lauren on Instagram and we will help you get the answer! Lauren is here to help you get going, she has so many options, contact her for more details.

LET’S GO CRUSH 2019!!!

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