Episode 17 | Luis & Jordie • Luche Leash Co.

Luche Leash Co.

Jordie & Luis

This is the fantastic story of an artist and a marketer coming together to create a local company after being inspired during their travels. Jordie and Luis, after adopting a dog from the Ventura County Humane Society, took their new dog Luche on an epic road trip. During this trip they came across some old climbing rope and were inspired to make leash, the rest is history, and a beautiful beginning. 

Now working with leather, fabric, metal and used rope from the local Santa Barbara Rock Gym. You can see Luis’s artistic background on the beautifully crafted items that come out of Luche Leash Co. The leather work, the handmade pressed coin dog tags on old pennies and foreign coins, really highlight this hands on artist. Luche Leash Co. is poised to really make an impact as they continue to grow and Jordie continues to market the company and gives back to our community. 

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