Episode 21 | Daniel Sulzberg • Dan Village Illustrations

We are so stoked to have Dan on our podcast. This guy is the coolest, so down to earth but MAJOR in the illustrating, creative directing space. You have seen his work in the Washington Post, Band tour posters for the likes of reggae bands Pepper, Iration, Cydeways, Dirty Heads and Stick Figure. He was the creative director for Red Bull and so many more projects. His illustrations are a direct reflection of his love of cartoons, video games and you have seen his work and maybe just didn’t know it yet. But now you will! 

Dan lives here in Santa Barbara with his wife and now a RAD DAD with his young son. Daniel give us an insight on his journey to working with his super high profile clients and the life of a illustrator. We talk about how he manages working from home and staying creative while achieving a signature look. This is a must listen to any and all creatives out there. 

Currently creating a Dan Village (learn why he calls it this) Illustrated book similar to “Where’s Waldo” and he is also open to working with locals so REACH OUT, this guy is awesome. 

You have to check out and follow him on Instagram

and learn more about him and his projects on his Website

Thank you for listening and we appreciate the 5 Stars and a great review so others can find us!

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