Episode 22 Antoinette & Laura | Claiborne & Lime

If you have someone in your life you REALLY want to WOW for your next milestone or possibly a surprise? Well, Claiborne & Lime will make that happen and it will be better than you could have even imagined. This hospitality company is creating connections and experiences for amazing clientele. 

Antoinette & Laura have teamed up, through an unlikely meeting in New Orleans, to bring an experienced based business to high profile clients. You have to hear their unlikely story although it illustrates the power of social media. Years later and after creating some amazing and memorable experiences for clients, they are so close they almost finish each others sentences. 

Currently living in Long Beach, they have lived here in the Santa Barbara area and service Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Orange County. 

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and learn more about him and his projects on their Website

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