Episode 24 Cory Smith | Online Running Coach runyourpersonalbest.com

In this episode we hear from Online Running Coach Cory Smith. Through his website runyourpersonalbest.com, Cory has helped hundreds of runners reach their goals in running and compete in some of the highest profile events. With over 8 runners in this years Boston Marathon and with runners around the world, Cory has now had to take on another coach to help with his clients needs. 

 Growing up back east in Baltimore Maryland, Cory started running to be a better Lacrosse player. He fell in love with running and we hear about his success through college, why he runs, how he handles the mental part and what exactly an online running coach does.

If you are serious about taking your running to the next level, contact Cory Smith at runyourpersonalbest.com.

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