Episode 25 Sven Klein | Lull CEO

In this episode we hear from the CEO of Lull, Sven Klein. Sven and his team has taken the experience of buying a new mattress to a new level and delivered on the back end with an exceptional product. Lull is based out of Goleta and rightfully so since many of the team met here at UCSB. This data driven company is continuing to push while staying true to their company vision and culture. 

Originally from Germany, Sven moved here when he was 14 and since graduated from UCSB, created startups, married and has children in our local Santa Barbara area. He says nothing is better then living and owning a business here in our amazing area. An avid skier and adventurer, Sven talks about how data has helped build the company, balance of work and play and the future of Lull. 

If you are serious about taking your sleep to the next level go to: 



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